Haibrain/Marmitek 09604 SafeGuard 4 delig alarm op=op

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Marmitek SafeGuard. Kleur van het product: Wit

- Secure your home. Receive an immediate warning, wherever you are!
- Reliable security system for your home.
- Receive a telephone message in case of an emergency, wherever you are. You can also hear directly what is happening in your home.
- Equipped with a silent alarm, panic button and section alarm (system partly activated; to feel safe when you’re at home).
- Intelligent sensor control: functionality and battery status are constantly monitored.
- Advanced wireless technique (SWT™) makes wires redundant.
- No contract or monthly fee!
- Easy to install.
- Can be extended with additional sensors, light and switch modules.
- Operating the alarm functions via an outside phone.
- Operate lights and equipment via an outside phone.