Fracarro SWP932TS Multiswitch 9 in 32 uit op=op

€ 269,00

Fracarro 287354 Multiswitch SWP932TS 9 in 32 uit

The SWP9xxTS Serie belongs to the compact multiswitch range with 9 inputs (8 satellite polarities and TV); it was designed to fulfil every installation requirement in small and medium distribution systems.

The product ensures high quality in a compact size, its inputs are distinguished by different colours to make the cable connection faster and easier.

The serie is composed by 5 products: 9 inputs with 8, 12, 16, 24 and 32 output taps; each port has a LED which shows the correct reception of the STB DiSEqC command.

The product can be used with SWA930TS amplifier, which allows to adjust appropriately the satellite and TV gains.



- Dip switch to select TV gain active and passive

- Return channel included when TV gain is passive

- Satellite bandwidth up to 2300MHz

- High output level

- Standalone power supply for easier installation; it provides the required voltage to the LNB

- Easy to install thanks to standard colour coding

- Low cost

- Compact size