Triax TDX Black Edition Main Unit

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Triax TDX Headend unit

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TDX Black Edition Main Unit

is the ultimate choice when delivering reliable solutions to the hospitality sector. Our solutions fully support upgrades and new installations.

The TDX Black Edition cabinet is designed with up to 16 input modules and 6 Quad output modules; it is extremely compact and can therefore be easily installed on a wall or in a 19 "rack. Whether it is related to the installation, maintenance or repair, all inputs, outputs and cables can be easily installed and operated from the front of the cabinet.

Up to three TDX Black Edition Headends can be combined as one system of input and output signals, as such up to 72 PAL, COFDM or QAM channels are possible. The HF output level of the integrated TDX Black Edition output amplifier can be software-adjusted within the range 85 dBµV through 103 dBµV.

The new HTML5 user interface guarantees easy installation, remote control and system monitoring via SNMP.

DRM integration for secure HD-service distribution is supported and can be easily handled with the Simulcrypt interface.

With the PID-management the TDX Black Edition supports services changes without any retuning of TV's.